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A highland collage (JPG – 85kb)

from The Royal Route: Summer Tours in the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland (1911) DA 880.H7 M114 1911

Map of the City of Glasgow
from Black’s Guide to Glasgow and the Clyde (1915) DA 890.G5 B55

Stereographic Card of Dryburgh Abbey
photograph by George Washington Wilson XM3 MS A168 (Drawer 99, Card 325)

Back of Picture Postcard
by James Valentine & Co. REI OAC A0465

Large letter T as a leading character (PNG – 1kbhe University of Guelph Library's Archival & Special Collections is home to thousands of rare books, manuscripts, atlases, letters, and news publications some of which comprise our world renowned Scottish Studies collection.

As the largest of its kind outside of the United Kingdom, this celebrated collection addresses an array of Scottish-related topics ranging from emigration to the Jacobite rebellions. Using material found in this comprehensive collection, this Web site highlights the rich and adventurous history of tourism and travel to Scotland.

By using visual material such as photographs, maps, advertisements, and guide books, we can explores Scotland's rise in popularity as a fashionable and desirable tourist destination throughout the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.