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from Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland (1879) DA 870.B624 1879


The History of Scottish Tourism

Thomas Cook, Transportation & Social Improvements

During the nineteenth century, railway and steamship networks in Scotland underwent rapid expansion. Tourism and transportation grew hand in hand, and throughout the latter half of the century, developed a strong and prosperous relationship. Advancements in steam technology opened up travel to the West Coast and the expansion of rail networks introduced more opportunities to a new class of social travellers.

Entrepreneur and excursion-agent Thomas Cook used the growing transportation industry to revolutionize modern travel. Through the organization fixed-rate group excursions, Cook made Scotland one of the prime destinations for Victorian travellers.

Travellers were also influenced by socio-economic advancements that developed in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Shorter workdays and the Saturday half-holiday were introduced to the working classes, which no longer restricted them from taking part in recreational and leisure activities.