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Stereographic Cards

Stereograph of a Glasgow gothic cathedral (JPG – 24kb)

Glasgow Cathedral
Underwood & Underwood (1905) XM3 MS A173 (Drawer 106, Card 20)


The production of stereoscopic views became a colossal commercial industry in the nineteenth century. Through the use of twin photographs and a customized viewer, they had the ability of recreating the illusion of depth. Stereocards were sold for a variety of purposes; however, they became a staple in the souvenir market.

The Clarke E. Leverette Collection is a significant and comprehensive stereoscopic collection held at the University of Guelph's Archival & Special Collections. The collection houses thousands of stereo views produced by world renowned publishers such as Underwood & Underwood and the Kilburn Brothers.

While the Clarke E. Leverette Collection does depict a wide variety of subjects, including views of the University of Guelph, portraits, and travel views from across the globe, a significant portion of the collection includes travel views of Scotland and souvenirs specifically dedicated to Scottish travel.

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