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Scottish scenery travel album (JPG – 80kb)

Scottish Scenery
James Valentine (ca. 1860s) XS1 MS A223


In nineteenth-century Scotland, a growing number of photographic publishers dedicated their commercial practice to producing photographic travel views. Although they offered a variety of formats to their clients, a fashionable souvenir of the time was the travel album. Tourists would collect photographs of travel destinations and compile them into a bound album to show to friends and family.

The University of Guelph's Archival & Special Collections houses four travel albums of this type. The photographs found in them have been predominantly produced by renowned Scottish photographers George Washington Wilson and James Valentine.

Scottish Travel Albums at Our Ontario

Scottish Travel Album I (XS1 MS A195)

Scottish Travel Album II (XS1 MS A206)

Scottish Travel Album III (XS1 MS A223)

Scottish Travel Album IV (XS1 MS A307)