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A sample of early Scottish travel writing
The British Tourists or Traveller's Pocket Companion, through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. (1798-1800) S0269b20


Travel Literature & Guide Books

Traveller's Accounts & the Beginning of Travel to Scotland

The written accounts of tourists provide significant insight to the beginnings of tourism in Scotland. One of the earliest known accounts, written by Martin Martin, explored the Western Isles in the late seventeenth century. Martinís observations were published in A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland (1703). His work influenced travellers such as Thomas Pennant, Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, to embark on similar tours in the eighteenth century.

Pennant's written observations, first published in A Tour of Scotland (1769), paint a vivid picture of the local culture, architecture, and landscape he experienced during his 1769 and 1772 tours. Such early written accounts, like those by Martin and Pennant, mark the beginning of a long and prosperous history of tourism in Scotland.